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My Bio

Cyril BrookesAfter a 10 year apprenticeship from 1964 as “CIO” (long before the term was in use) of Australia’s largest steel, mining and oil company, I became an academic at University of New South Wales. I established a large and, I believe, innovative and successful, business IT school.

My research focused on improving effectiveness of MIS, EIS, DSS – call it what you will, BI wasn’t the “in” term then. Out of this came the special interest in Requirements Definition for reporting systems. I identified the need for a structured methodology for specifying these systems in 1980, the beginning of the BI Pathfinder story.

In 1989 I set up Grapevine Technologies Ltd, one of the first BI systems that specialized in management of tacit (or soft) information in corporations. Even then it was clear that soft information was a major missing link in the reporting picture. grapeVINE evolved into one of the earliest corporate portal products; it could have been Yahoo! if I’d been smarter!  It is now part of the Sun Microsystems Inc. product portfolio.

I’m therefore a product of the MIS, EIS, DSS, KM and now BI evolution of the black art of providing relevant information to executives and professionals. Not much has changed, really. Just the label the marketing and consulting gurus pick to try and find the silver bullet leading to mainstream.
Currently I am Chairman and Founder of a start-up company – BI Pathfinder (http://www.bipathfinder.com). BI Pathfinder is a software tool that is evolving out of my academic research. It is the result of several years research, analysis and “trial and error” practice. It embodies a unique methodology that enables, I believe, the specification of effective BI reporting systems. Maybe it is the silver bullet?

Recognizing that rapid development methodologies are here to stay as part of the BI system context, I am currently studying how we can evolve new approaches to requirements definition based on bottom-up principles.  This has led to a renewed focus on documenting corporate BI environments, and the work described as BI Documenter; see http://www.bidocumenter.com

I trust you enjoy the blog content.

You can contact me via mail at cyrilonbi@gmail.com



1. Steve Basu - July 17, 2007

Hi Cyril,

I am looking for the BI Documenter tool for my project documentation but cannot seem to find your site or tool.

Can you please help me with software for BI Documentation?

Thanks much,

2. siva - April 27, 2008

hi cyril

i am a graduate in IT. i am interested in BI.. and learning it from books and training program.
i am also planing to learn about cognos.

i am learning about how to gather and were to gather the data required for making the business goal success.

its more about business driver, goals and missions.

can u help me regarding this.



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